Wind Wagon Crew wishes to thank our Sponsors for their support of our project!

Wind Wagon Project crosses the boundaries between history, art and technology. We wish to thank our supporters and sponsors who have shared our vision. We are indebted to all of you who have encouraged us and had faith that we would achieve what we have set out to do.

Wind Wagon Project has been an exciting project that has been moving forward at a speed that is almost difficult to keep up with. An idea in November 2011 and today Astrakan is a complete wind wagon that has received international recognition in the media in Sweden, USA, Spain, Australia and many more nations. Astrakan is presently in a container on its way to Gerlach Nevada where it will have its first trial in the vast Black Rock Desert.

What have our sponsors supported in Wind Wagon Project ?

  • A celebration of visionary ideas
  • Revival of history
  • Courage and adventure
  • The pioneer spirit – 500 000 Europeans crossing the continent!
  • Art, handcraft and engineering.
  • Renewable energy and wind power.
Visit their websites at:
Le Laboureur - www.lelaboureur.se
Västragötalandsregionen - www.vgregion.se
Göteborg&Co - corporate.goteborg.com
Region Halland - www.regionhalland.se
Elfcon - www.elfcon.se
Green Carrier - www.greencarrier.se
AJ Produkter - www.ajprodukter.se
Primus  -  www.primus.se
Murekka - www.muurikka.se
General Mills: Old El Paso, Green Giant - www.generalmills.se
Blundstone - www.torsviby.se

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