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Sailing on the Black Rock Desert – Iphone clip

Göteborg Posten Blog – Henrik Wallgren will have a blog about Wind Wagon Project as Astrakan and crew sail the desert and end at Burning Man (Swedish)

Trailer Project Start – YouTube – this is a short introduction in Swedish (english subtitles) done at the beginning of the project

Jag kör!! (I am filming!!) - This is a kind of crazy film taken on an Iphone when we got our first real wind in the sail. We achieved 25-30 kmh on a 6 m/s side wind, thus proving the functionality of the Wind Wagon Astrakan. Needless to say we were all overjoyed!

“Modern Wind Wagon vehicle in Sweden”-Kauthukalokam 3,July - International media coverage

Windwagon Testrun - Iphone clip

Modern Wind Wagon Sets Sail - International Coverage Reuters

Article Göteborg Posten 2012-07-20

Article Göteborg Posten 2012-05-29